Our flutes are made with branches... Fallen branches.
We don't cut living trees, we prefer to hunt among the infinte number of gifted limbs,
broken by the wind or struck by lightning,
found in the forests and on the shores... To simply bring back them to life. Recycling at its best !

Our instruments are made all by hand...
This means we don't use power tools to  carve the bore, shape the flute, make the sound system,
but rather gouges, chisels, knives, rasps, files and passion.

Fallen Branch® flutes are always trully unique pieces, made the most natural way,
following a sentiment, a vision or a spirit... Each having its very own appearance and voice.
... Some are born to tell a story, and others to heal or pray.

We usually sell our one of a kind flutes directly on Ebay or in our webstore.
But we are proud also to make special instruments, for special orders...
So feel free to contact us, and we'll try to make you the flute of your dream !